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Issue 01

Issue No. 2

All works referenced on this page are Copyright ©2009-2020, Stone Pi Comics™ and Stone Pi Media™; All Rights Reserved. No portion of any original artwork contained on this or other Stone Pi Comics or Stone Pi Media websites may be reproduced or reprinted by any means, physical or electronic, without the express permission of the creator/proprietor. Stone Pi Comics produces works of fiction. Any similarities between its characters and actual persons, whether living, dead or undead, is purely coincidental. Inquiries may be sent to Note: Web color #980064.

Issue No. 1

Discover the world of Zombie Dave™

Issue No. 4

THE PARANORMAL MISADVENTURES OF ZOMBIE DAVE™, a limited series from Stone Pi Media™. Meet Dave, a zombie slacker who wants to left alone to play his favorite collectible card game. But when a magically-charged card pulls him into its realm, all bets are off as to whether this zombie can stay good-natured or give in to HUNGER! Click each image for a Free Preview Images and Add to Cart on our SQUARE store.

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Issue 03

Issue No. 3
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