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Cover image for The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave™ No. 01 By Matt Decker All Rights Reserved

Zombie Dave No. 03

As Monkey Empire creatures threaten to overrun The Management compound, Zombie Dave and friends must use every physical, magical and technological trick in their arsenal to survive. But a twist of fate no one could have foreseen places our undead hero on a mystical journey that may uncover the secrets to his past and the key to his future! 

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Zombie Dave No. 01

Meet DAVE, an undead slacker who wants to be left alone to play his favorite trading-card game: MONKEY EMPIRE ROYAL DYNASTY EDITION. But when a strange new card takes on a life of its own, Dave finds himself pulled into a fantasy world, where he is confronted by the mysterious simian wizard, CHEETAMONKULUS.

While his friends try to find a way to get their zombie pal back, Dave discovers that surviving in this new card-based dimension isn’t all fun and games!

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Cover for The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave™ No. 02 By Matt Decker All Rights Reserved

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Issue No. 4  

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Zombie Dave  

Zombie Dave No. 02

An old nemesis arrives at the compound backed up by robot troopers and a tank! His intent is to take Zombie Dave away, leaving members of the The Management stunned. But an old friend may hold the key to defeating this newfound threat -- and solving Dave's fashion sense in the process. It's an epic battle in the making, featuring the first appearance of the flamboyant soldier-of-fortune Major Fabulous! 

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