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UPC Information:  709984468683, sometimes also scanned as 0709984468683, is the UPC-A code for The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave™ comic books, published by Stone Pi Media™.  All works referenced on this page are Copyright ©2009-2019, Stone Pi Comics™ and Stone Pi Media™. All Rights Reserved. No portion of any original artwork contained on this or other Stone Pi Comics or Stone Pi Media websites may be reproduced or reprinted by any means, physical or electronic, without the express permission of the creator/proprietor. Stone Pi Comics produces works of fiction. Any similarities between its characters and actual persons, whether living, dead or undead, is purely coincidental. Inquiries may be sent to  


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 About Stone Pi Media™

Stone Pi Media™  is the publishing imprint created to distribute and promote works by Missouri artist and writer Matthew Decker, who serves as the company's president, CEO, CFO, chief writer, editor, penciler, inker, letterer and occasional dishwasher.

Established as Stone Pi Comics in 2008, its first publication was "The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave" No. 1 in late 2009, and it followed with the second issue in 2011 and the third issue in 2016 and the fourth issue in 2018. The fifth and final issue in the first story arc is pending.

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