June 19, 2016

Getting the Led out...

Spending this morning with two of my favorite things: art and Led Zeppelin.

Today's project is inking and coloring Page 13 of the upcoming third issue of "The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave." And, like a lot of my process, it's fueled by the Zep -- in this case their second album, which, through nearly 30 years of listening, comparing, contrasting and reflection, remains my favorite Zeppelin album and one of the favorite albums of all time.

Now, I don't use Zeppelin as a creative spark plug -- that's usually done in silence or in the shower. But for getting the work done -- pushing forward the physical act of drawing, coloring and other tasks that don't require an internal dialogue -- Plant, Page and Co. are some of my favorites (along with Miles Davis, interestingly enough.)
OK. Enough self-indulgent at the keyboard.

Time to bring it on home.


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