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June 17, 2016

We're screwed... or maybe not

Well, Tripod/Lycos, like a dear old shifty relative you've known (and given money to every month) for decades, seems to have either kicked the bucket or fled into the wilds of the cyberspace equivalent of the abyss.

Our files and old domains cannot be accessed. There's no one to call (They aren't picking up.) So, we're screwed. We can't be found on or anymore?

Well, !#$% You, Lycos!

We're Stone Pi Media now.  We're live at Our new email address is (Gmail isn't going anywhere soon. If it goes belly-up, we all will have bigger things to worry about.)

Yes, it's a quick and dirty website. No, I didn't code it. I made it with GoDaddy insta-wizard templates.

You know what? They worked pretty well. I did it in two hours instead of a whole weekend. It's got our information on it. That's all that counts.

We're moving forward.

Gotta work on some comic book pages now.